Artist Mr. ZHOU Hongbin & Little Tree

Wolf Boy

A ordinary teenager, Leon was involved in a zombie crisis. What is going on about "the latest wolf boy"? This is real Indescribable for him to save the world.

An effeminate young boy, Leon Dai, was a typical Otaku. In one day, he suddenly received a express article — a coffin. And what made him more supervised was that a mystic girl, Archie, walked out from the coffin and told Leon she was his bride. For Leon, he was the latest “wolf boy”. All these made Leon helpless .

Archy and Leno began to live together. For making Leno believing that he was the wolf boy, Archy used many unconventional ways. But nothing except scaring Leno.

One time, they mat some rogues who were affected by mystic virus --- Naix. For this reason, they became terrible zombies. Archy killed them all, but Leno was treated as murderer by witness and was arrested.

Archy told Leno that she was a vampire and there was a Shocking predict. That was This world will be a zombie world by the Naix. Only one person who is the blend of the vampire and the werewolf can save the world. Namely,the child of Archy and Leno. Then, they hit the road for escape and saving the world.