Artist Mr. ZHOU Hongbin & Song

Issue 32

Star Stealing Girl

One rich young master lost all money after one thieve by a international thief. Fortunately, he was rescued by a beauty. The rich young master was reduced to the beauty's male servant after he had to sell himself to her. Then, the male servant became a hot blood dective and the international thief is a gorgeous girl unexpectedly. Black Knight, Fallen Angels, Dark Moon Fighters and seventy two devils...No one can be escaped from the fate roulette. One huge conspiracy was hidden in the back of the Earth's safe and human's fate.

The rich young master, Star was stolen by the thief, September, and owed a huge debt. Fortunately, the beauty, Blue Snow paid back all money for him. As consideration, Star had to reduced to Snow's male servant.

Star swore to catch September. He did not know that September and Snow are the same person. In The process of arrest, Star encountered a gourp of fighters whose name is the Black Knight. Sepetember was the member of the Black Knight as well. The duty of the Black Knight was to find treasure of Selan Dynasty, one lost ancient civilizations. It is said that the treasure was in the underground palace of Persian Gulf. A mystic assassin, Lucifer made a surprise attache on Star and the Black Knights from a hidden positon, when they were in the underground palace. Because Lucifer attempt to eliminate the Black Knighs totally. Star and the Black Knighs fighted together and were escaped finally. Meanwhile, Star became the friend of the Black Knight as well.

After solved the zombie crisis in New York city, they were hurry to assist the base of the Black Knight, which was being attacked by Lucifer. On the way, the Black Knights were attacked by the Fallen Angels. With the help from Tanlang and Poje, the wounded black knights were survived and were sent to the alien space. And 300 fallen angels that were besieging the base were defeated by Ice Moon.

For resisting the attack from the fallen angels, Star voluntarily drank the blood of hell and became the new devil. At the same time, the real boss behind the curtain, Ms. K began to execute the plan to destroy the world. In this moment of crisis, Lucifer fight against Mr. K as the member of the Black Knights. Actually, Lucifer was a undercover fighter of the Black Knight for fighting against Mr. K.

For rescuing Star, September went to the devildom and sacrificed herself to make Star wake up. Star returned and replaced Lucifer who was killed by K to go on fighting...