Artist Mr. ZHOU Hongbin & Thunder

Fire Sky

Luo Han was the gang leader of Pineapple high school. He was defeated by Golden Flea, a street basketball player. He lost face. To restore dignity, Han determined to train himself basketball skills and Conquer Golden Flea.

Han accidentally discovered that the boss of Clinic for Chinese bone-setting, auntie Huang, unexpectedly was a street ball master. Auntie Huang let her pet, Kingkong monkey train Han how to dunk. Han built a street ball team of Pineapple high school with auntie Huang's Granddaughter, xiao wei and a coward who want to be a true man, Fat Boy. They aspired to finalist the highest game of the street ball — "Fire Large Union"

However, their strength were too small and weak to be one member of "Fire Large Union". In order to enhance the strength, auntie Huang began a super devil training on Han and Fat Boy. They all changed themselves after training. Especially, Lou showed amazing talent on the street basketball. Even the emperor of the street ball, white eye wolf, could not resist to contest with him. The more surprising was that white eye wolf was the grandson of auntie Huang, the old brother of xiao wei.

With the new friends join the team, pineapple team became more powerful. However, how long could they go in the "Fire large Union"?