Artist Mr. ZHOU Hongbin & Xiang REN & JOE

Issue 6

Fights Break Sphere

"Fights break sphere" - here are vindictive world, no fancy colorful magic, and some, just multiply the peak of the grudge! It gives me the feeling is beyond a given network novel, meaning it has exceeded its own, this book, I really appreciate what is called perseverance, what is good as gold, what is reasonable manner, What is long-suffering and more, this is not the rise of the Chinese nation is the struggle we do!

"Fights break sphere" the contents of this book twists and turns, the plot and interlocking. Some of the book create lifelike characters that this book is even more powerful, such as the hero Xiao Yan, smoked children, the old drugs, Medusa Queen, a small medical cents, purple research, etc., have brought me a different shock . One of my favorite is the hero Xiao Yan.

Lost because of a grudge hero Xiao Yan, suffered from the urine within the family of ethnic discrimination outside, as people call "waste wood", and even with his fiancee Nalan pulp for the marriage are openly sweet to his home with his Huihun ! To this end, Xiao-yan and she set about three years. Since then, the book began Hsiao-yen's struggle.

Near the family test, his teacher from his inside to take the ring out, to help him through the test, after Enron, armed with a high risk of Warcraft Canyon, Dawn of the black angular domain, then went to college learning in schools set up their own forces, the come back later and a lot stronger than he who fight for the family, revenge, and so on. In dangerous clumps of environment, growth, and powerful enemies in battle, fighting cross-class, and so success! This has always been inseparable from his efforts!

Have thought many times, genius is just luck it? In actual fact, if not the original hero of struggle and courage, and acquired a fortune, he could not succeed. Secondly, you also need a proper way, no way this is right or wrong, right or wrong is the only way to walk. Of course, luck is also an indispensable part, but even if do not have the strength to control luck, how to "luck"? In addition, a friend is a critical component, numerous dangers and hardships and numerous friends of assistance, but also achievements in the future be able to stand on the mainland, Xiao Yan peak strength and position.

Xiao Yan, scrap wood? Genius? This is just their evaluation to the world. The first time that there are some inexplicable touch. Perhaps there are too many of their feelings grow it. Hero from the beginning of "waste wood" to the revival of the last to take up the burden of the family, and gradually move toward the mainland peak of the story, tell us a truth our lifetime, that is: only by their own efforts and struggle, it possible to achieve their ideal!

Like many people, I was winding the plot of the book, and attracted by the spectacular beauty, but more importantly, from this book, I realized that too much too much, this has gone beyond a The value of the novel network!