HongBin Submarine Anime is the Australian branch of Submarine Studio which is one of the most influential comic and manga studio in China with 10 years old. Our majority works focus on creating original comic books and producing comics based on the novels and scripts. We have 40 professional team members, including 6 chief pencilers and over 30 assistants. So far, we already have being publishing 10 more works which are serialized on many of the mainstream comic magazines. They have won great acclaims and excellent market responses for us. The sale volume of magazines and offprints is the top rank all along in China.

HongBin ZHOU

The chief artist and artistic director of Submarine Studio. A great number of rich experience and high popularity. All his works have the best selling rate.

  • In 2012, he mounted the top of "the rich list of Chinese cartoonist".
  • In 2011, the count of the offprints of "Star Stealing Girl" broke through 1,100,000 in the first printing. And he mounted the third of “ the rich list of chinese cartoonist” with 18,300,000 CNY (about 3,000,000 AUD)
  • In 2007, gold award of the second "gold dragon" original comic competition.
  • In 2003, he created the Submarine Studio.


Well known beauty penciler. Her "star stealing girl" is ranked the first postion in the long-term on the largest Chinese comic magazine, Comic Guests. Her works are loved and supported by many fans for her gorgeous and beautiful pictures, delicate and moving emotions and both hot-blood and comedy stroies.

Xiang REN

The most handsome penciler on the Comic Guests. He is called as "hot blood cartoonist" with "Kungfu and Soccer". His recent work, "Fights break sphere" even more became one of the most popular works on the Comic Guests.

Little Tree

Genius girl penciler. There are so many unrestrained imaginations and funy stories. Her representative work is "Sinapis campus". Currently, her "rogue panda" received many good reputations as well.

Spring Onion

Excellent girl comic author. Her representative works "Kiss of Fox" received a lot of praise with the character's delicate emotions and rich in detail. His representative work is "wolf boy" and


Many years and experience on comic creation. The impeccable comic author from the experience to skills. He is good at painting magnificent scenes and hot blood touching plots. His new work, "Hot Blood Basketball" will being load on the Comic Guests.

Fire Frame

The author of "Rebel Fighters Teenager". His works make people not only tear but also laugh and roll. His representative work, "Fire Street Basketball", is named the best Chinese comic about the basketball.